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Teeth whitening Philip’s Zoom 4 White Speed ​​(Netherlands) Dental Studio

The whitening of the fourth generation lamp is equipped with a safe activator of a bleaching gel and a cold light lamp for the comfort and lack of painful sensations. Teeth up to 8 shades lighter. The gel includes special components that strengthen enamel and reduced sensitivity of teeth.

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Digital Orthopantomograph Planmeca Proone Dental Studio

A panoramic shot of a teeth or an orthopantomogram (OPTG) is a “teeth” passport, a detailed x-ray examination of the jaw, which gives comprehensive information on the state of all teeth, root canals, adventures, jaw bones.

Why do the panoramic shot?
In the treatment of 1-2 teeth you can do without an orthopantomogram. But when it comes to more serious dental problems, OPTG comes to the rescue.

Panoramic snapshot do if the patient has to:

Treatment of chronic diseases of the oral cavity (caries, periodontitis)
Fixing bite
Surgical intervention
Also to the orthopantomogram (OPTG) resort to children’s dentistry:

For the study of growth and changing teeth in children.
To determine the presence of increments of indigenous teeth, the correctness of their location.
And of course, we recommend doing a panoramic shot 1 time per year with a preventive examination at the dentist – this will help identify unwanted processes hidden from visual detection.

What gives OPG?
Panoramic snapshot (OPTG) gives accurate and reliable information about:

State of all teeth
The presence of either the absence of inflammatory jaw bones processes
Defendment of future indigenous teeth in children, their location, direction
Condition and location of wisdom teeth
State of hymorovy sinuses and jaw joints
The presence of either the absence of foci of inflammation in the oral cavity
We have modern equipment that allows you to explore the jaw in detail and get the necessary information for treatment, implantation, prosthetics and other tasks.

How is the panoramic snapshot and what will you get?
Diagnostics is carried out on the X-ray apparatus – orthopantomograph. His radiator moves around the head of the examined, due to which it is possible to create a picture of the image of the entire jaw – upper and lower. This is the difference between OPDG from a standard sighting picture. The deployed orthopantomogram displays both the teeth themselves and jaw bones, joints, sinuses gaymors.

In the hands you will receive a sheet of dense photo paper A4 format where using the photo printer will be printed an image of all your teeth of the jaw bones and geimor sinuses. An example of such an orthopantomogram you can see on the provided image (the quality of your orthopantomogram will be better, because it is only an example).

You will send a digital copy of your snapshot to any email address you specified.

How safe is it?
Some patients with distrust relate to panoramic pictures, afraid of X-ray radiation. But the dose does not exceed 40 μs in the annual norm of up to 1000 μs. Modern devices produce minimal irradiation, so the orthopantomogram has no contraindications.

For a visual comparison, we often give the following examples:

Impact of radiation dose, MKZV (microsorter)
From the panoramic shot of teeth (OPTG) 40
With fluorography of ordinary 80
On tomograph spiral 400
On a conventional sequential tomograph 1000
Maximum annual allowable dose when conducting medical examinations 1000
When the flight is a three-hour on airliner 10
During life in a brick or concrete house for one year 80
Annual dose for which the risk risk of cancer is 100,000
Radi disease 1 degree 1 000 000
Heavy radiation disease 4 500 000
Mortal dose 7,000,000

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