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What is a digital smile design?

DSD or digital smile design is a computer creation and modeling of a smile, allowing the patient to see the end result, discuss his wishes to the doctor and participate in the creation of harmonious color, shape and size of the teeth in combination with the features of the face. 

What are veneers for teeth?

These are ceramic overlays on the front of the tooth.  Form and color of destroyed, restored teeth.  They give a healthy and natural look, accurately imitate the properties of the surface of the tooth, improving the smile

What crowns better put?

With the development of new technologies and materials, we recommend our patients with non-free crowns that miss the light look naturally, do not have a dark strip between the crown and the gums, longer serve, because  they don’t irritate the mucous meal at the neck of the tooth, bioernets.  The absence of metal is no allergic reaction, the gum has excellent adjacent and, as a result, less than the bone decrease.

Will it hurtay whitening?

As a rule, it does not hurt. A small discomfort is possible during the procedure and within the first day after whitening. The procedure take places into three stages for 10-15 minutes with the application of special protection for gums and whitening gel. A few days before whitening, you need to make professional brushing teeth.

How much time do you need to take the implant?

The process of implant adheated comes from two to three months to half a year. Depends on the implant system. The presence and volume of bone tissue, oral hygiene and compliance with the recommendations of the doctor.

How often do professional teeth cleaning?

We recommended to carry out professional cleaning twice a year in absolutely everyone, and who has problems with the gums every three months. Plaque is a favorable nutrient medium for the development of microorganisms provoking caries. Staying on enamel, it is mineralized over time and turns into a stone, starting inflammatory and infectious processes. In half a year, the body is updated and rebuilt, so you can promptly pay attention to the initial caries and prevent further diseases and loss of teeth.

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